Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's been going on

It's been a crazy couple of months. Some of you know some of the story, but, boy oh boy, it's been nutty around here. Here's some of what is going on:

Obviously, the big thing is the engagement. Truly, it's wonderful! It's wonderful to say "fiance"! It's wonderful to think of the future together! Yes, I am very happy about all of this. I still feel like a princess.

The other big thing is I got a new job. I'm very excited about it! There are loads of reasons I'm moving on to something new, and this new position is right up my alley. I'll be doing something I really do love to do, and I'm looking forward to starting. However, this job is not where we (used to) live. So, we're picking up and moving to Boston.

I am in Boston now. HWM is still in Maryland until September. It's for good reasons, but that means I'm here on my own for a bit. And he is taking care of the kittens, who I miss more than should be allowed. (They will all join me soon, but not soon enough, for I wish they were here this minute!) I'm in our new apartment, trying to make things feel normal. The furniture and other things (dishes, coffee maker, books) I've moved are on a truck somewhere, and so I'm sleeping on an air mattress, watching tv using a lawn chair. (Oh, how I miss real chairs.) I do have internet: we're not animals here! But until I get used to things and have a real bed again, it's definitely a weirdness to the system.

I came up here on Thursday, hoping to get the lay of the land, etc. On some level, it has worked. I have found a few stores, I've done a test-drive to work, I have groceries in the cupboards. These are good things. But it's hard, being alone. I was at lunch today and it came over me that I didn't have anyone I knew anywhere near me. Not a person a might run into from work (I haven't started yet), not a cashier who usually waits on me at the store, no one. It was really jarring to consider.

This is hardly a terrible problem to be having. And I know, it is a "problem" that will go away soon.  I will meet people at the job, in the neighborhood, at my (to be) regular places, etc. But at this point, every time I get in the car, it's a check of the map, punching things into the GPS, and hoping things start to look familiar. I know they will, but I hate that they don't yet.

When I started this blog (about 5 years ago) (!), it was right before my last big upheaval. I didn't know it was coming at the time, but it did arrive, and I survived. I did better than survived. I came out ahead. I know that things will move forward, and things will be amazing. I do know this. But is there any way to fast-forward to when I feel a bit more pulled together?