Saturday, October 19, 2013

Take nothing on its looks; take everything on evidence.

The above is a quote from "Great Expectations." I was going to call this post simply "Great Expectations," but then I thought I'd get clever and find a quote from the book. I must admit, I found some beautiful ones on-line. In fact, I don't remember thinking much of the book when I read it, but these bits and pieces are lovely.

The plan was to write a piece about my expectations for my writings, specifically related to this blog. That my intentions are always greater than what I actually produce. I have great expectations, not necessarily of quality but of quantity. Recently, I've been lacking in both, mostly because if you produce very little, there is no quality to be had. This is simply the fact of the matter.

It's funny, but I picked the quote, just because I liked it and it wasn't too long. But now I see that it fits my intention of this piece perfectly. I may intend to write, I may even sit in front of the computer, but if there are no words, I need to be doing more. I am not saying this in a sad or upset manner; I am saying this to push myself. You are witness to my own sort of cheerleading.

I should explain the picture. This is a part of a display found in the American Art Museum. It is made of foil and cardboard and found objects. It was made by a man in his garage to prepare for Christ's return to Earth. When you first see it, it hits you with a mix of "holy cow!" and "what the...?" and "what is that?" You have to really look to see what it is. It's one of my favorites.

I plan to commit more to my writing. I need to push. I need to get up early and commit to it. I have done it before, but I need to produce the evidence.